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Didgeridoo Performance Parkleuchten Grugapark Essen, Samstags:

11.02.   18.02.   25.02.  04.03.  11.03. 





29.04.: Didgeridoo Workshop VHS Dortmund

Atmung und Entspannung mit dem Didgeridoo



13.05.: Honey, ich geh Honig machen. Imkerworkshop, Kobi

Honey ich geh Honig machen!


20.05.: Didgeridoo Workshop Kobi Dortmund

Klangentspannung mit dem Didgeridoo


30.06.: Improtheater Spek Spek, Freilichtbühne Porta Westfalica

Goethe Freilichtbühne Porta Westfalica


Kombiführungen Wildkräuter und Insekten:

Tippelsberg, Herne:

25. Mai               11 - 13 Uhr

03. September    11 - 13 Uhr


Haus Dellwig, Lütgendortmund:

15. Juni             11 - 13 Uhr

02. Juli              11 - 13 Uhr


Anmeldung unter http://www.haldensalat.de/


Kombiführung Kobi Dortmund, Unionsviertel 10.06.:

Was summt denn da am Strassenrand?












The Devil Went Down to the Holy Land Songtext


The Devil went down to the Holy Land
Saw it was already fucked and he thought to himself:
''What a mess, beautiful mess, my bidding is done.''

Not a man could be trusted even by his own brother
And the people were scared as they hated each other
What a mess, beautiful mess, Rock n' Roll

Thought police was firmly in control
And little girls went on display, just trying to fill a hole
And I thought to myself ''Where is the innocence?''
And that it's no surprise it's been so god-damn hot as of late
We're never gonna be cold... You know the Devil is lord

The Devil went down to the Holy Land
He took a piss on our backs and we could swear it was rain
What a beautiful piece of mess, Rock n' Roll.

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